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   Thanks for visiting our website.
   Whenever you watch a good movie or play an excellent video-game…….
   Well that’s not enough!
   You need to immortalise those moments by displaying a fantastic figure
   in your room or home.
   This way you can bring up memories of that movie or video-game you
   This is the main concept behind our shop.
Pandora’s Box is located in the southern part of the island, in the historical
village of Tarxien, just in front of the Immaculate Conception School.
Visit our ‘Contact Us’ page for further information about the location of the
This venture started to operate in 2010 and its primary focus is to bring to
Malta, movies and videogames memorabilia and other merchandise related
to the world of entertainment.
We also bring a wide and vast selection of cool t-shirts related to the
video-game culture.
Also one can find books for readers who wish to immerse themselves
in reading fantasy or movie related books.

   Pandora’s Box will bring this entire world closer to you. So to achieve
   a great memorabilia collection, just visit us and start your collection
   And remember that this is not a hobby……. This is a way of life!
                                                                                       Copyright Starocean Co. 2010